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3/4 in. Schedule 40 PVC Pipe (Bundle of 250 Feet, Custom Cut)

Original price $224.00 - Original price $293.00
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$224.00 - $293.00
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Color: White

 About Backorders

With our bulk bundle pipe quantities, we can offer to cut our 10-foot bundles of our 3/4" Furniture Grade PVC pipe to groups of specific sizes for a minimal fee.

  • Bundle of 250-feet, custom cut
  • Each segment of pipe bundle cuts will yield 25 units of that length.
  • The total of all cuts cannot exceed 120”.
  • The minimum length that pipe can be cut is six (6) inches.
  • The maximum length that pipe can be cut is 96 inches, or 8-feet, to accommodate small parcel shipping services.
  • Segment lengths of 48” inches or longer will incur a $20 oversize additional handling fee incurred by the carrier.
  • Material loss from the kerf of the saw is expected and some cuts may be 1/8” short. If you require exact lengths, leave an inch or more of material at the end of the bundle to allow for kerf loss.
  • Unless indicated, any scrap remainder will not be shipped and will be discarded.

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