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Product Availability

General Product Availability

FORMUFIT Direct does not maintain inventory status of our bulk products online, however we do provide a General Availability table on each of product pages that indicatesthe likelihood of that product being in stock:

Available This product is almost always available in stock large quantities, and can typically ship within normal timeframes.
Limited This product is usually available, but not always in large quantities.  There is a limited possibility that this product may be out of stock in our warehouse, and may require backorder or have an extended fulfillment timeframe.
Unavailable or Special Order This product is not readily stocked, and may need to be specially injection molded or extruded, as it may have a low demand.  There is usually a 2-week lead time on these products and may require other like-products to be ordered as well.


Inventory and Stock

Ordering from FORMUFIT Direct does not guarantee that all products will be immediately available or guaranteed to ship promptly due to backorders or other factors. 

If you require stock or inventory checks, please contact us at with any and all items you would like availability on.  We will check with our warehouses to determine if the product is available to ship in the desired quantities or if there will be a required lead-time.

For our small business customers that sell goods that are manufactured from our products, we kindly ask that you do not rely on FORMUFIT as a third party warehouse and do not offer goods to your customers until the product has been delivered to your inventory.  FORMUFIT cannot be responsible for revenue or client loss due to backorders, shipping delays or special runs.