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Custom PVC Pipe Cuts

With our bulk bundle pipe quantities, we can offer to cut all of the 10-foot 'sticks' of PVC pipe within the bundle to specific sizes, for a minimal fee.

Please note that there are specific restrictions on pipe cutting:

  • Pipe cuts must be the same for all of the individual 10-foot sticks in the bundle (see more below)
  • The minimum length that pipe can be cut to is six (6) inches.
  • The maximum length that pipe can be cut to is 96 inches, or 8-feet.  This is to accommodate small parcel shipping services.  Lengths over 96 inches will require LTL Motor Freight.
  • Lengths between 60 and 96 inches may be bundled in plastic and bound in heavy-duty, single-face cardboard for shipping, and may not be boxed.
  • Unless indicated, any scrap remainder will not be shipped and be discarded.
  • Clear pipe cannot be custom cut.

How to Request Pipe Cuts

To obtain our bulk quantity pipe pre-cut to the sizes you need:

  1. Select our Custom Cut pipe category from the Main Menu, or click here. 
  2. Select the size PVC pipe you need for your project.
  3. Choose the color you require by selecting the appropriate color swatch.
  4. Select the number of cuts (1 - 9) based on what lengths of PVC pipe you need for your project. 
  5. Use the dropdown menu to select the length (in 1/2" increments) of each pipe segment you want cut from our 10-foot sticks.  Please note that all of the 10-foot sticks in the bundle will be cut to each of the lengths you provide, so be aware of the multiplier (x25 for 1/2" and 3/4", x10 for 1", 1-1/4" & 1-1/2" and x5 for 2").

Example 1:

Your project requires 1/2" PVC pipe.  You need a total of:

- 60x 20" lengths of PVC pipe

- 20x 36" lengths of PVC pipe.  

For this you would request the following:

Example 2:

Your project requires 1-1/4" PVC pipe.  You need a total of:

- 8x 14.5" lengths of PVC pipe 

- 20x 18" lengths of PVC pipe

- 10x 22" lengths of PVC pipe

- 6x 36.5" lengths of PVC pipe

For this you would request the following:


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