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Custom Cut PVC Pipe

See how you can order bulk PVC Pipe, cut to the size you need for your product, project or application.

Custom Cut PVC pipe from FORMUFIT Direct.

FORMUFIT Direct offers the convenience of pre-cut, ready-to-use pipe segments that align perfectly with your project so you can streamline your operations and ensure the utmost accuracy. If you find yourself with a product demanding numerous cuts or working on a project involving multiple identical lengths of pipe, consider our FORMUFIT Direct Custom Cut PVC pipe solution.

How Can FORMUFIT Direct Cut my PVC Pipe?

How we CAN cut PVC pipe bundles:

How we CAN cut PVC pipe bundles:

  • We can cut each 10-foot segment of PVC pipe in the bundle to the same length across the entire bundle.
  • All cuts must be uniform for every 10-foot segment within the bundle
How we CANNOT cut PVC pipe bundles:

How we CANNOT cut PVC pipe bundles:

  1. We CANNOT cut the pipe into random lengths for bundles, as managing a random order is too complex for a single set of cuts

Custom Cut Restrictions

Please note that there are specific restrictions on pipe cutting:

  1. All cuts must be uniform for every 10-foot stick in the bundle (details below).
  2. The minimum permissible length for pipe cuts is six (6) inches.
  3. The maximum allowable length for pipe cuts is 96 inches or 8 feet, to facilitate small parcel shipping services. Lengths exceeding 96 inches will necessitate LTL Motor Freight.
  4. Lengths falling within the range of 60 to 96 inches can be bundled in plastic and secured with heavy-duty, single-face cardboard for shipping, and should not be placed inside a box.
  5. Unless otherwise specified, any leftover scrap pieces will not be shipped and will be disposed of.
  6. Custom cutting is not available for clear pipes

How to Request Pipe Cuts

To obtain our bulk quantity pipe pre-cut to the sizes you need:

  1. Select our Custom Cut pipe category from the Main Menu, or click here. 
  2. Select the size PVC pipe you need for your project.
  3. Choose the color you require by selecting the appropriate color swatch.
  4. Select the number of cuts (1 - 9) based on what lengths of PVC pipe you need for your project. 
  5. Use the dropdown menu to select the length (in 1/2" increments) of each pipe segment you want cut from our 10-foot sticks.  Please note that all of the 10-foot sticks in the bundle will be cut to each of the lengths you provide, so be aware of the multiplier (x25 for 1/2" and 3/4", x10 for 1", 1-1/4" & 1-1/2" and x5 for 2").

Custom Cut Pipe Examples

The following are examples of how to request Custom Cut PVC pipe for your selected bundles:

Example 1:

Example 1:

Your project requires 1/2" PVC pipe.  You need a total of:

  • 60x 20" lengths of PVC pipe
  • 20x 36" lengths of PVC pipe.

For this you would request the following:

Example 2:

Example 2:

Your project requires 1-1/4" PVC pipe.  You need a total of:

  • 8x 14.5" lengths of PVC pipe 
  • 20x 18" lengths of PVC pipe
  • 10x 22" lengths of PVC pipe
  • 6x 36.5" lengths of PVC pipe

For this you would request the following:

Custom Cut Yield Calculator

To ensure that your cuts make the most efficient use of the entire PVC pipe bundle and to identify any potential errors in your cutting request, we have created a specialized spreadsheet known as the Custom Cut Yield Calculator. This calculator is designed to provide you with essential information thatwill not only determine the quantity of each segment you'll receive but also assess the efficiency of your cuts in terms of utilizing the entire length of the pipe. Additionally, it will alert you if your cuts exceed the required length, helping you optimize your cutting plan for the best results.

Download Calculator

Download Calculator

Download the Custom Cut Calculator in Microsoft™ Excel 2007+ format (.xlsx)

Download .xlsx File